Weather Bytes

’Tis the Season for Weather Anomalies

Major news reports of weather-related anomalies have been abundant in the past few weeks.  Montana’s Yellowstone National Park saw eight inches of snow on June 21—known as the summer solstice or first day of summer. To the south, residents in Denver, Colo., greeted the solstice with such unseasonably cool temperatures they dubbed the month “Junuary.” […]

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A Primer on Weather Data Terms

With increasing emphasis on business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data science, there is also more interest than ever in weather, which has an enormous impact on business. But to effectively optimize weather data for your organization, it’s important to first gain a clear understanding of what weather terms mean in relation to BI.   There are […]

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The Power of Weather for Business Intelligence

Modern Business Intelligence (BI) platforms empower companies to harness big data and leverage it in a way that is visually insightful. BI provides organizations with knowledge and insights to quickly make and execute better business decisions. Incorporating weather for BI helps businesses to discover how weather affects their sales, energy, product distribution, organizational performance, and […]

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