About Weather Source

Weather Source was formed in 2004 to deliver industry leading, hyper-local past, present and forecast global weather data that seamlessly integrates with customer data for better business decision making and outcomes to assist our clients to use weather information to their advantage.

Weather Source is comprised of meteorologists, climatologists, and research scientists using cutting-edge science, engineering, climatological and meteorology expertise to deliver precise and accurate past, present, and forecast weather data seamlessly through an easy to use API or convenient CSV formatted files.

“We know weather data and we can help you incorporate it into your business”

We are weather data experts, dedicated to developing the most advanced, highest quality – and easy to use – weather data products to help our clients use weather information to their advantage.

Many industries are sensitive to weather. We offer the caliber of weather data needed to successfully identify the sensitivities and improve performance and profits. Our weather information integrates easily with your existing systems or all top data platforms and analytics dashboards.

We are the only weather data company delivering 100%-accurate weather data on a precise scale with the caliber of applicability that companies’ need to improve the performance of their day-to-day operations.

Superior Data Quality

The data that goes into making our OnPOINT Weather solution comes from thousands of official government weather stations operated and maintained by the National Weather Service and advanced meteorological analysis, including statistical and numerical analysis.

Weather Source is the only global provider of precision weather data. OnPOINT Weather provides information precisely relevant to locations via ZIP Codes and Lat-Lon points for all major land masses and extends to more than 200 miles offshore.

Actual observations from government weather stations, radar, satellite, and upper air observations anchor the computation analysis and produce a weather data product that is built around reality. The result is the most accurate and complete representation of weather conditions available.

We use patented and proprietary cleaning methods that create the bellwether of all weather data. In fact, NOAA and three of the largest weather companies in the world rely on us to supply them with data based on our track record of reliable and complete data.

Weather data is available instantaneously from the OnPOINT Weather API. Data retrieval is phenomenally fast and highly available and scalable through the API. Weather Source is able to process a virtually unlimited number of requests through numerous cloud-based servers.

Let’s talk

Our team of top 1% talent builds top-quality past, present and forecast weather data solutions for businesses in all industries. We love making people happy with weather data. Please contact us to see how we can help you. We’d love to discuss weather data and have the opportunity to help you improve your business decision making.

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