Condition-Based Ad Triggering (C-BAT)

Weather Source’s Condition-Based Ad Triggering (C-BAT™) system gives customers the ability to automatically deploy marketing and messaging based on preset weather conditions. What is your business equivalent to advertising for umbrellas on a sunny, clear day? Avoid untimely messaging. Apply hyper-local targeting to connect customers with your brand where and when it matters most. 

Reach your customer base at the precise moment weather conditions align favorably.

Select any type or combination of weather values, such as precipitation amounts or pollen levels, as well as length of time. For example, “Distribute an advertisement for allergy medication when pollen levels within area X equal Y for duration Z.” 

C-BAT integrates with all major advertising exchanges, including Google DV360, Google Apps Manager (GAM) and Meta ads. Efficiently launch and manage effective, condition-based advertising from a single pane of glass.

Easily configure weather-based “rules” for ad triggering by type, location, time frame, qualifier, and amount.

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