Weather Bytes

Life in the Fast Lane

Any industry with the word “fast” in its name is extremely sensitive to weather. Fast-food chains, fast-casual restaurants, and those who sell fast-moving consumer goods—sunscreen, umbrellas, Tylenol, candy bars—see their daily sales and operations directly impacted by weather.  Today’s customers not only want convenience, but they want quality products accompanied by a pleasant purchasing experience. […]

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’Tis the Season for Weather Anomalies

Major news reports of weather-related anomalies have been abundant in the past few weeks.  Montana’s Yellowstone National Park saw eight inches of snow on June 21—known as the summer solstice or first day of summer. To the south, residents in Denver, Colo., greeted the solstice with such unseasonably cool temperatures they dubbed the month “Junuary.” […]

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A Primer on Weather Data Terms

With increasing emphasis on business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data science, there is also more interest than ever in weather, which has an enormous impact on business. But to effectively optimize weather data for your organization, it’s important to first gain a clear understanding of what weather terms mean in relation to BI.   There are […]

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The Power of Weather for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the wave of the future, and incorporating weather data into overall strategy will help your organization remain competitive.  Those that do will outperform those that don’t – all other things being equal.  People are more connected, digitally savvy and sensitive to the weather than ever before, and weather is having greater impact […]

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