Weather Source & BattleFin

Weather Source and strategic partner BattleFin

BattleFin focuses on sourcing, organizing, evaluating, and vetting alternative data. The company’s Ensemble platform is a state-of-the-art marketplace, network, and software-as-a-service tool that facilitates research on alternative data, primarily for the financial technology industry. Ensemble handles alternative data ingestion, monitoring, cataloging, security, and delivery. 

The Ensemble platform was designed to help buyers source, evaluate, test, and purchase data with the goal of breaking down the barriers between buyers and sellers as well as reducing the time it takes to complete a data purchase. 

Browse and test datasets from Ensemble’s entire catalogue, including Weather Source’s state-of-the-art weather data. All of Weather Source’s data is located within the Ensemble platform, where users also have immediate access to a suite of analytic and visualization tools. Ensemble seamlessly connects data buyers to data providers in a private sandbox environment where historical datasets can be tested.

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