Weather Source & S&P Global Market Intelligence

Weather Source’s industry-leading weather and climate data is available via the S&P Global Marketplace, which offers the opportunity to explore, discover, and evaluate new datasets in a seamless and intuitive format. 

S&P Global Marketplace launched in May 2020 and is operated under S&P Global Market Intelligence, the division within S&P Global that provides data, insights, and analytics to help navigate the financial markets. The S&P Global Marketplace provides access to a robust catalogue of datasets from across all four S&P Global divisions as well as from select third-party alternative data providers such as Weather Source. 

Weather Source’s curated continuum of historical, present, forecast, and climatology weather data is built for the rigorous and demanding financial industry. Our gap-free data ensures all of an organization’s team members always work from a single source of truth. 

Click here to access Weather Source data via the S&P Global Marketplace.

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