OnPoint Platform

Your Weather Operating System

Weather Source’s patent-pending OnPoint® Platform powers all of our dynamic products and services by seamlessly managing the complexities of ingesting, cleansing, and delivering weather and climate data for business intelligence.

Our system was built from the ground up by meteorologists, climatologists, statisticians, and research scientists. All data within the OnPoint Platform can be accessed via the OnPoint API or the business intelligence tool of your choice.

Unparalleled Quality

Weather Source spent more than a decade perfecting its quality control processes to ensure your data is gap-free, easy to use, and globally uniform.

It can be tedious and time-intensive to manually correct for inconsistencies when data is collected from numerous, disparate sources. By unifying inputs within the OnPoint Platform, your weather data is homogeneous and prepared for analysis.

A depiction of the Weather Source OnPoint Weather data cleaning process. Raw weather data inputs are processed through the OnPoint Platform and the result is weather that is engineered for analytics.

The OnPoint Platform also offers an ecosystem that is inherently stable. If one data source is interrupted then remaining sources seal the gap, insulating users from inconvenient and potentially costly lapses in service.

Our platform continuously ingests and processes data from thousands of U.S. and international inputs then monitors and corrects for errors. This includes a battery of tests such as observation consistency—for example, snow isn’t possible at 70°F—and comparisons against companion datasets. Missing or erroneous observations are replaced with estimates derived from surrounding data points, so you can rest assured the information you receive is accurate.

The Highest Resolution Grid on the Market

Most weather data providers rely solely on airport observation station data and simple interpolation methods to extend information from those stations to your location, yet still claim their insights are “hyper-local.” This is ineffective because, among other reasons, airport observation stations are often too far from your location to provide meaningful insight.

Weather Source collects its data in a markedly different way. We ingest all of the best weather sensing technology available to reveal weather and climate insights that are perfectly tailored to your points of interest.

The OnPoint Platform curates, decodes, and unifies a range of diverse inputs then stages them on its OnPoint Grid. This globally consistent, 5-kilometer grid covers every land mass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore. Each grid point—millions in total—represents a “virtual” weather station with its own unique OnPoint ID from which weather data can be mapped. This unparalleled, high-resolution method ensures your North American location of interest is never more than 2.2 miles away from an OnPoint ID—as opposed to potentially hundreds of miles away from the nearest airport observation station.

Weather Source users may request data for any lat/lon coordinate and view results interpolated from nearby OnPoint IDs. This robust capability means businesses that leverage Weather Source have instant access to weather and climate insights for any point on Earth.

Depiction of the Weather Source OnPoint grid vs other weather data sources. Most weather data providers rely solely on airport observation station data and simple interpolation methods to extend information from those stations to your location. Airport observation stations are much farther away from your business location than Weather Source's grid points. Each point in Weather Source's 5-kilometer high-resolution grid represents a “virtual” weather station from which weather data is mapped to your business location. This means your location of interest is closer to a virtual weather station, resulting in more accurate data and predictions.

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