OnPoint Platform

The Weather Source OnPoint Platform is a comprehensive patent pending data platform that was built from the ground up by Weather Source to manage the complexity of preparing and providing analytics grade weather and information for analytics and business intelligence. Key features of the OnPoint Platform include:

The OnPoint Platform is a weather data information system consisting of:

  • OnPoint Past & Present Weather
  • OnPoint Forecast Weather
  • OnPoint Climatology
  • OnPoint Graphics
  • OnPoint API
  • OnPoint Analytics

Consistent Data Dictionary

Many weather data sources are inconsistent with respect to what weather parameters are available at various locations and times, and this can make using such data sources extremely difficult.  The consistent data dictionary provided by OnPoint Weather means that no matter where in the world your interests lies, you’ll have a consistent set of OnPoint Weather data parameters to support you.

Reliable and Homogenous Data

OnPoint Weather is created by intelligently bringing together millions of weather observations from weather station, radar, satellite, and other weather data sources into a final, superior dataset that has analytics grade accuracy and consistency.  Biases between different input datasets are quantified and corrected which means that OnPoint Weather provides users with a consistent and homogeneous dataset across the Past, Present, Forecast and Climatology OnPoint Weather Components.

Data Quality

Data problems are inherent to any data observing and collection network such as the national and global networks of Weather Observing Stations (up to 25% of Weather Observation Stations routinely have data issues).  The OnPoint Platform employs numerous data quality testing and cleaning methods across all levels of OnPoint Data Processing to ensure that all final OnPoint Data are accurate and reliable.

Global Coverage

The OnPoint Platform supports all global landmasses and ocean areas up to 200 miles off-shore.

Hyper-local Data

The OnPoint Platform is a truly global and users can access data for any Lat/Lon and geographically bounded areas such as such as ZIP or postal codes, cities, states, counties, census blocks and more.