The Value of Weather Data in the Era of COVID-19

Anomalous weather patterns can alter both the supply and demand for consumer goods. When combined with other market forces such as COVID-19, the effects of weather are compounded. From the farmer’s field to grocery shelves to outdoor dining areas, weather and climate data are essential to help businesses succeed throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 

Since March, Weather Source has been a thought leader in this area, helping businesses, investors, and researchers navigate through these unprecedented times. We have visualized weather’s potential effects on COVID-19, opened our API for research, and demonstrated how weather data can help mitigate economic impacts via webinars, blog posts, and more. 

This CARTO dashboard uses Weather Source OnPoint® Climatology data to visualize global climatological averages for the month of November. This information is overlaid with urban sprawl data to reveal densely populated areas that have an average temperature below 50°F and are therefore more likely to experience seasonal COVID-19 spikes.

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