OnPoint API

The OnPoint API is built for enterprises and provides on-demand access to OnPoint Weather, OnPoint Climatology, and more, from the OnPoint Platform:

  • Weather History
  • Forecast
  • Nowcast
  • Climatological Data
  • Hazards
  • Astronomical Data

Includes all supported weather parameters including temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, wet & dry bulb, snow, surface pressure, solar radiation and more. Perils such as lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, storm surge, river flooding, wind bursts, hail, and more are also available.

Delivers Hyper-local data down to any Lat/Lon point or geographically bounded area such as ZIP or Postal Codes, and Designated Market Areas (DMA), covers all landmasses in the world and up to 200 miles offshore.

All data is available in hourly or daily format. Daily format includes max. and min. values and daily average for each supported weather parameter.

All data is also available in CSV files.

Weather Data On Demand

Data retrieval using the OnPoint API is lightning fast. Both the OnPoint Platform and the OnPoint API are enterprise-ready and built on highly adaptable and scalable technologies to ensure you have access to industry leading analytics-grade weather and climate data no matter what your needs.

  • A pragmatically RESTful interface
  • JSON and JSONP response formats
  • Detailed error reporting
  • Always on SSL connections
  • Account management tools
  • An SDK for PHP

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