Data-Driven Solutions for Business Intelligence

Weather Source offers easily configurable, weather-based solutions for any industry. Our suite of solutions empower organizations to quickly view meaningful weather insights or pre-determined outputs via a single pane of glass. We can help your business identify, explore, and answer its most pressing weather-related questions. 

Why Weather Source?

Advanced Analytics

Weather Source has a deep toolbox of analytic modeling services based on your business-specific attributes such as weather sensitivities, consumer behavior, and more.

Data Integration 

Regardless of the type or amount of data your business requires, we have the tools to help you leverage and seamlessly integrate it with weather data, as well as other third party data, for successful analysis.  

Data Visualization

Choose from real-time alerts, interactive dashboards, intuitive geospatial products, and more to easily convey how weather and climate affect your business. Visualization tools help you effectively communicate data-driven insights across every level of your organization.

Enterprise Data Management

Our curated continuum of data, from past to present to forecast to climatology, serves as a single source of truth. In addition, all of our data is globally uniform, homogeneous, and gap-free.

Machine Learning

We routinely employ cutting-edge data analytic methods and models including machine learning, deep learning, and AI.


We have a proven track record of creating successful predictive and prescriptive weather models. Know in advance how the weather will affect customer behavior or business performance and make proactive decisions.

Weather-Based Solutions

The Weather Insights Platform™ (WIP™)

A dynamic, web-based application that allows users the ability to create sales forecasts, optimize operations, and discover what types of weather impact their business.

Condition-Based Ad Triggering (C-BAT™)

Automatically trigger marketing based on preset weather conditions. Fully integrated with all major advertising platforms, C-BAT™ allows users to instantly tailor marketing based on the weather. Apply hyper-local targeting to connect customers with your brand where and when it matters most. 

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