Weather Source Sample Datasets


Weather Source is fully available within the Snowflake Marketplace, providing instant access to our globally consistent, analytics-grade weather data. Snowflake is the true “Data Cloud” that was meticulously designed for straightforward setup, configuration, and efficient data delivery and access at scale and eliminates the need for additional processes like data transformation, loading, or reconstruction and delays associated with data integration.

Within Snowflake newly added data objects seamlessly integrate into the system, facilitating real-time utilization across the entire business ecosystem. Many datasets come with relevant business needs, use cases, and data dictionaries, ensuring streamlined integration.

By leveraging Weather Source data via Snowflake, accessing and analyzing petabyte-scale weather databases becomes effortless. Weather Source’s data is continually updated in real-time, ensuring immediate access for data and analytics and you are never paying for “data at rest.” 

Accessing Weather Source Datasets in Snowflake

Accessing Weather Source datasets in Snowflake Marketplace is incredibly easy and each tile includes samples of our industry leading data. We offer a diverse range of datasets with a variety of purchase options including monthly or annual subscriptions and consumption-based models. You’ll have immediate and instant access to the requested data as the share is automatically mounted in your Snowflake instance.

Premier Weather Data for Analytics
Request access to our Premier tile to sample the locations of interest most relevant to your business

Weather Data – All International Postal Codes
Analyze a sample of International Postal Codes including sample tables and fields.

Weather Data for the United States – All U.S. Zip Codes
Analyze a sample of U.S. ZIP Codes including sample tables and fields.

Global Weather & Climate Data for BI
Explore this sample dataset which includes a sample of 1,000 U.S. ZIP Codes and International City Centers.

OnPoint Weather – Retail Ready
This pre-packaged Retail Ready weather solution includes weather data for all United States ZIP Codes.

Dynamic Weather Alerting Service (DWAS)
Connect to Our Dynamic Weather Alerting Service to ensure your business is never surprised by a weather event at your location(s) of interest.

Weather Impact Indices
Request access to our sample data for the Consumer Weather Impact Indices.

Snowpark for Python – Hands-on-Lab – Weather Data
Daily historical weather data for New York. 

Weather Source LLC: frostbyte
Access weather information to generate insights for food truck operations across 15 countries and 30 major cities.

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