Weather Source & The Snowflake Data Exchange

Weather Source helps organizations profit around weather by building relationships with top-tier platforms that allow customers to easily access its weather and climate data as well as engage in analysis for meaningful business intelligence.

“Weather data is important to many companies because they have sensitivities to weather that impact their operations or revenue.” said Mark Gibbas, president and CEO of Weather Source. “Access to weather data to be able to quantify those weather impacts is very important. Once they understand the weather impacts they can optimize around that, have better business performance, and improve profits.”

In June, Gibbas attended the San Francisco iteration of the Snowflake Summit 2019 World Tour, a series of one-day events in which data professionals gather to network and learn how their organizations can obtain the deepest possible insights from data. In a video interview, Gibbas praised Weather Source strategic partner Snowflake for its secure data sharing capabilities and aptly named Data Exchange, which enables data consumers to easily access and query available datasets and services.

Gibbas described the Data Exchange as a marketplace where Snowflake users can easily discover and integrate the data necessary to improve their business performance.

“Weather Source is very proud to be one of the first data providers to bring our OnPoint Weather products into the Data Exchange,” Gibbas said. “Users can connect to it directly and be up and operating in minutes.” 

By accessing weather data using Snowflake, data users experiences the benefits of saving both time and money, Gibbas continued. 

“If you think about the traditional way of moving data from one company to another, you both have to store this dataset, so that really expands the amount of storage companies have to have. But with data sharing, you have one central place where the data is stored. So you’re lowering the footprint of total storage and making it more efficient from a resource perspective. There are a lot of savings to be had.”

Gibbas said Weather Source looks forward to engaging with Snowflake users and helping them learn how weather affects their businesses.

Click here to access Weather Source’s OnPoint Weather data via the Snowflake Data Exchange.

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