The Power of Weather for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the wave of the future, and incorporating weather data into overall strategy will help your organization remain competitive.  Those that do will outperform those that don’t – all other things being equal.  People are more connected, digitally savvy and sensitive to the weather than ever before, and weather is having greater impact than ever before.  Our modern digital economy is becoming more and more digital every minute, and weather is a very significant component of this and thus simply cannot be ignored.  Businesses that have not yet adopted weather data into strategy should consider adapting ASAP.

Modern Business Intelligence (BI) platforms empower companies to harness big data and leverage it in a way that is visually insightful. BI provides organizations with knowledge and insights to quickly make and execute better business decisions.

Incorporating weather for BI helps businesses discover how weather affects their sales, energy, product distribution, organizational performance, and more through analytics. Our OnPoint Weather data products provide hyper-local past (back to the year 2000), present, and forecast weather information.

When integrated with a BI platform such as Qlik or Snowflake, OnPoint Weather equips companies to analyze correlated weather information then proactively strategize, improve future performance, and optimize profits.

OnPoint Weather turns granular data into meaningful BI results that enable companies around the globe and across industries to:

  •               Reduce wasteful spending
  •               Increase ROI
  •               Optimize logistics and supply chains
  •               Fine-tune marketing campaigns
  •               Effectively allocate resources
  •               Time seasonal inventory purchases appropriately
  •               Strategically schedule staff
  •               And much more

BI informed by OnPoint Weather reveals industry- and location-specific trends. Companies can answer questions such as why one location outperforms another, how to properly stock shelves and manage inventory purchases, how to maintain appropriate staff levels, or why sales are higher (or lower) on a particular day.

Imagine how effective your management team could be with access to high-caliber past weather data.

Why OnPoint Weather?

The Weather Source team uses cutting-edge science, engineering, and meteorology expertise to deliver precise weather data. OnPoint Weather is “on point” and contiguous. No other weather data system is as complete or leverages a wealth of inputs such as radars, satellites, airport observation stations, and a suite of analytic models.

OnPoint Weather provides weather data for any location at any point in time—made possible by creating “virtual” weather stations at your points of interest. Our weather data is available instantly via the OnPoint API, offering fast and scalable data retrieval.

Industries currently benefiting from OnPoint Weather include: aerospace, athletics, automotive, banking, chemical, construction, energy, entertainment, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, travel, and more. State, local, and federal government agencies as well as academic institutions also use OnPoint Weather.

BI is the Wave of the Future

Business Intelligence—the ability to transform tremendous amounts of raw data into actionable information—is essential for companies to remain competitive.

BI technologies use past, current, and future predictions to identify new opportunities and to implement strategies for long-term growth and stability. By making weather data part of your BI strategy, you will support management in decisions pertaining to operations, strategic goals, benchmarking, performance management, analytical processing, reporting, and so much more.

Why Weather Source?

Weather Source is passionate about learning the weather-related challenges of your business and providing meaningful recommendations specific to your situation starting immediately during the first conversation.  Weather Source is also committed to following through and delivering with validated and proven data and technology and exceptional satisfaction.  Call now.

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