Weather API

The weather API you guys provide is extremely impressive!  The speed and reliability is unmatched amongst alternatives I have been evaluating.  Props to your team. (actual user quote)

Powerful Weather API built for systems that demand speed, reliability and heavy load

  • Real-time (current) weather data
  • Forecast weather data
  • Historical weather data
  • Global coverage
  • Complete set of weather parameters

Used by Fortune 500 companies

  • AT&T
  • Ericsson
  • SAS

Use Our System to Make Your System Look Good

At Weather Source, we do one thing and we do it very well: Weather Data.  You might not have heard of us before, but we have been innovating and quietly providing weather data “behind the scenes” to global leaders in almost every major industry for over a decade now with a focus on:

    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Dependability
    • Performance
    • Fostering long-lasting relationships
    • Customized service and attention

We have served hundreds of fortune 1000 companies.  Now, with the Weather Source API, you can tap into the same powerful weather source used by so many in industry.

The Most Powerful Weather API for the Most Demanding Applications


New for 2015:

  • Long-range forecasts
  • Climatological Data (ie Long-term Averages) Including 10-year and 30-year  Normals
  • DMA
  • Archived weather forecasts
  • Severe weather data (ie, hail, damaging wind and tornado)
  • Cleaned weather data, 1979 to current

Daily and Hourly Weather Data

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation (rain and/or liquid equivalent of any frozen precipitation, such as snow, sleet, hail, etc)
  • Snowfall
  • Wind
  • Cloud cover
  • Dew point
  • Relative Humidity
  • “Feels like” temperature
  • Specific humidity
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Surface pressure
  • Probability of precipitation (forecast)
  • (details)

Global Coverage

OnPOINT® Weather Data is now available for anywhere around the world.  Coverage includes all major land masses world-wide – pretty much everything except the Arctic, Antarctic and the vast open ocean regions. (If you need coverage in these regions, let us know. New capability is often added due to customer need.)

Access is available via the Weather Source API.  Coverage is virtually infinite and complete – Weather Source has implemented advanced interpolation algorithms to calculate the weather dynamically at any lat/lon point on the globe.  Something no one else is doing.  This means you are no longer limited to where weather stations, or model data grids are, but you can now get the weather conditions for the precise locations of interest virtually around anywhere in the world, any time in the past, present, and  – for some parts of the globe – the future (ie forecasts).  Just make a request to the weather data API for  for any location by providing the date/time and any lat/lon, and the API responds instantly with the weather data at that point in time.  The Weather Source API is designed to meet the needs of large-scale technologies that serve millions of customers and pull lots of data instantly, so all locations of interest around the world can be polled for weather data quickly and efficiently.

High Performance Meets Dependabilty

The Weather Source API is designed specifically for use in the most demanding real-time applications in the age of instant information for the masses.  Comprehensive, 100% gap-free geographic coverage and lightning-quick response times mean applications that use the Weather Source API will always obtain data for any location, near-instantaneously.  That makes it ideal for the most demanding weather-related applications that must deliver results to users quickly.

Technology behind the Weather Source API

Our API is designed for from the ground up to be the highest performance weather API.  It’s built in the cloud for dependability, reliability, availability, uptime and speed.  State-of-the-art scalable technology allows for virtually limitless speed/bandwidth performance able to meet the demands of virtually any application you have in mind at any scale – small to large.  High quality and gap-free data mean you can count on applications receiving reliable weather data for any location and point in time with lightning-quick response times, making it ideal for wide-scale applications that require on-demand data for many users simultaneously.

Weather Source OnPOINT®

The Weather Source API is the only API that is built upon Weather Source OnPOINT®,  a broad array of weather information to analyze historical, current and forecast weather conditions across the world down to a gap-free 5 kilometer grid (3 miles) dating back to 1979.  OnPOINT®  weather data is produced by Weather Source from an analysis of numerous weather data sets and provides the most accurate and complete representation of weather conditions possible.  It is the only weather product with historical weather data 100% reliable and 100% complete at the zip code and point (latitude/longitude) levels, making it ideal for a wide array of applications.

Get Started

Full details are available at the Weather Source API developer site.

Additional information is available at the Weather API FAQ page.

Please see the Weather Source API developer site for a free developer/evaluation license.

Not sure if it meets your needs?  Please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.  New capability is often added based on customer need.

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