OnPOINT® Weather

What is OnPOINT® Weather?

OnPOINT® Weather is our proprietary technology that powers all our business weather solutions. OnPoint® provides contiguous past, present, and forecast weather data ideal for Business Intelligence and Analytics:

  • Data updated in near real time
  • Climatology (departure from normal)
  • Data back to 2000
  • Quality-checked, error-corrected, gap-filled datasets

OnPOINT® data is derived by overlapping weather station, satellite, radar, weather balloon, model, and other source data to determine highly accurate and temporally continuous weather history.


Why OnPOINT® Weather Data is Superior to Weather Station Observations

Proximity and Relevance

Weather stations are typically located at airports, which tend to be scattered among major cities. In the US, the distance between airport weather stations is typically 50 miles, and frequently over 100 miles. Trying to correlate these station observations to business metrics (sales, etc) is often futile since the weather recorded at the station is very different from what occurred at the business of interest.

In contrast, OnPOINT® Weather is spatially very dense such that in North America OnPOINT® data is always within 2 miles from your points of interest, and within 10 miles for international locations outside North America.

Data Quality

The purpose and priority of airport weather stations is to provide pilots with the real-time weather information. The follow-on care and archiving of this weather information by government agencies is less critical, and often results in data errors and gaps. In general, every original time-series of weather observations from government stations contains numerous errors and gaps that can negatively impact the utility of this weather data for business purposes.

So while real-time weather station data is great for aviation, it is not good fit for business needs. With OnPOINT® Weather, the priority is to provide accurate and reliable past, present, and forecast weather, and the OnPOINT® system is engineered for this purpose.

Key Benefits

  • Hyper-local weather information ensures relevance
  • Global coverage from a consistent weather data product – no need to source numerous weather datasets
  • Data is available on hourly and daily units and can be aggregated to fit your specific needs
  • Unparalleled accuracy and reliability
  • Data is available from January 2000 to current time
  • Weather and climate values can be combined to provide departures from normal.

OnPOINT® Weather is the result of years of research by a team of top meteorologists, data scientists, and mathematicians who remain focused on the challenge of building a comprehensive system to provide the most accurate and reliable past, present and forecast weather to our customers and partners.

The OnPOINT® Weather system processes an array of weather input data sources (e.g. weather observations, satellite, radar, weather models, etc) to produce OnPOINT® data. The system embodies intelligence to identify and correct data errors that regularly occur within the various input sources. These intelligent data analysis methods are a fusion of meteorological and statistical expertise and have proven to be very effective for correcting real data errors while preserving actual extreme weather that may otherwise be falsely ‘corrected’ by less capable methods.

OnPOINT® Weather is staged on geographic grids, from which the Weather Source™ API can provide weather at any lat/lon point, and for many common geographic areas such as postal codes and DMAs.

Our North American grid provides very fine scale resolution where the closest OnPOINT® data is 2 miles or less from any point of interest. In addition, our API will smartly interpolate between 4 nearby OnPOINT® locations to provide the most accurate weather for any location of interest.

The International OnPOINT® grid operates the same way, but on a grid where the closest OnPOINT® data is 10 miles or less from any point of interest.

In total OnPOINT® covers nearly 2 million points globally. Comparatively, there are less than 10,000 viable weather observation stations in the world; these stations are often too far away from your point interest to be effective.

The Weather Source™ API

The Weather Source™ API, powered by OnPOINT® Weather, is world-class means to automate delivery of OnPOINT® data into your systems and programs. Subscribe for 30 Days Free Access to Weather Source API.

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OnPOINT® Weather Overview

Incorporating OnPOINT® Weather into your company’s BI platform enables you to analyze past weather data to discover insights into how weather affects your bottom line. Companies can reduce wasteful spending, increase ROI, optimize logistics, fine-tune marketing campaigns, improve resource planning, and so much more.


OnPOINT® Weather provides:

  • Past weather data – a one‐time download of an array of weather data (via CSV file) – back to the year 2000. This allows you to analyze the impact weather has had on your business.
  • Normal weather (climatological data) – presented alongside the past weather data and includes, for example, normal/average temperature, precipitation, and snowfall. This allows you to compare actuals to normals and answer questions like:
    • How often is weather “unusual” at each business location?
    • How does unusual or extreme weather drive business at each business location?
  • Weather forecast – a weather outlook. This enables you to be aware of weather factors that influence your business and helps you project business needs such as staffing, energy, and resources.

Coverage Area

The shaded areas in the image below show the contiguous coverage of OnPOINT® Weather’s high-resolution global weather information.


Weather Source’s data uses patented and proprietary cleaning methods that create the bellwether of all weather data. In fact, NOAA and three of the largest weather companies in the world rely on Weather Source to supply them with data based on our track record of reliable and complete data.

Data Quality Details

The data that goes into making OnPOINT® Weather comes from thousands of official government weather stations operated and maintained by the National Weather Service and advanced meteorological analysis, including statistical and numerical analysis.

Weather Source™ is the only global provider of precision past weather data. OnPOINT® Weather provides information precisely relevant to locations via postal codes and Lat-Lon points for all major land masses and extends to more than 200 miles offshore.

Actual observations from government weather stations, radar, satellite, and upper air observations anchor the computation analysis and produce a weather data product that is built around reality. The result is the most accurate and complete representation of weather conditions available.

With OnPOINT® Weather, the priority is to provide accurate and reliable past, present, and forecast weather, and the OnPOINT® system is engineered for this purpose.

Data Comparison

Data value comparison: Others versus OnPOINT® Weather by Weather Source


Available Weather Parameters

  • Precipitation
  • Snowfall
  • Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Cloud Cover
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Feels Like Temperature
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Wind Chill Temperature
  • Heat Index
  • Snow Depth
  • Solar Radiation

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