Weather Source OnPOINT® is an enterprise-class product for businesses with hundreds or thousands of interest points around the United States or around the world.  This is important for industries such as retail stores, restaurants or any business that needs to monitor  company assets.

Weather Source OnPOINT® far surpasses current station-based data solutions that fail to provide the caliber of accuracy, applicability, and hyper-specific capabilities customers’ demand.


OnPOINT® provides the following for data benefits:

  • Historical weather data (a one-time “data dump”) back to 1979 to allow you to analyze the impact weather has on your business at every zip code (See sample).
  • Normal weather – presented alongside the historical weather data, this allows you to compare actuals to normal’s and answer questions like: How often is weather “unusual” at each location? How does unusual or extreme weather drive business at each location? Includes normal temperature, normal (i.e. average) precipitation and normal (i.e. average) snowfall.
  • Weather forecast provides an outlook to help with business projections and to help your business stay ahead of the weather.
  • Weather update service – a weather data feed of the latest data on a regular basis to keep your weather records up-to-date.
  • Regional Customization – Transfer data into formats your industry uses. For example, USPS zip code, MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), DMA (Designated Market Area) and County.

The next generation of weather data

Weather Source OnPOINT® uses a broad array of weather information to analyze weather conditions across the world down to a 5 kilometer grid (3 miles) that dates back to 1979!  OnPOINT® is the only weather data 100% reliable at the zip code and 5-km point-based level.    It’s the first and only historical weather data product of it’s kind that allows complete location-based coverage and capability at such fine scale.

Historical Weather data has been traditionally limited to weather station locations.  Over the last few years, customers’ needs have changed from ‘data at the nearest station’ to ‘location based’ data.  It is important to point out that the average distance between weather station is over 50 miles!  This is critical because the weather at your point of interest may be completely different than the nearest weather station.  OnPOINT®  solves this spatial limitation.  We are the only data firm supplying data within a few miles of all your desired locations to achieve ‘local’ data and complete coverage.


Our data uses patented and proprietary cleaning methods that create the bellwether of all weather data.  In fact, NOAA and three of the largest weather companies in the world rely on us to supply them with our data based on our track record of reliable and complete data.

Superior Data Quality

Data issues are a fact of life in the digital world, and weather data is no exception. The data that goes into making OnPOINT® comes from thousands of official government weather stations operated and maintained by the National Weather Service AND advanced meteorological analysis, including, statistical and numerical analysis. Actual observations from government weather stations, radar, satellite and upper air observations anchor the computation analysis and produce a historical weather data product that is built around reality.  The weather information that is eventually used to represent the zip code is the best combination of data quality and proximity to the zip code. The result is the most accurate and complete representation of historical weather conditions.


Available weather parameters

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Snowfall
  • Wind
  • Cloud cover
  • Dew point
  • Relative Humidity
  • “Feels like” temperature (Wind Chill & Heat Index)
  • Specific humidity
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Surface pressure

OnPOINT® data is currently available via our Zip Code Weather Data and Weather API products, and can also be used to create custom products.   Please inquire.

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