Clean Weather Data

More data or better algorithms?  The resounding answer has become: BETTER data!

  • ‘Dirty’ data EXCEEDS $600 Billion dollars for US businesses annually.

  • ‘Clean’ data can boast revenue by 66%.


  • We use advanced meteorological and statistical methods to comprehensively challenge, verify and correct weather station observations on hourly and daily intervals.

  • We apply numerous correlated datasets including neighboring weather stations, reanalyzed weather grids, and radar and satellite data in this process.

Erroneous data is actually very common, and these errors make analytics nearly impossible!

Data issues are a fact of life in the digital world, and weather data is no exception.  Just because data comes from official government weather stations operated and maintained by the weather service, doesn’t mean it’s perfect.  When your bottom line is dependent on accurate and dependable weather information, you need the most reliable data possible.  Weather Source’s Clean Weather Observations provide the reliability and accuracy you need to be successful.  More succinctly, Weather Source Clean Weather Observations can eliminate a major source of financial risk to your business.

Benefit to you

  • The performance of your application is optimized and the results of your analytics will be accurate.
  • Any application that depends on reliable data will not be contaminated by bad data and produce unreliable results.
  • Advantage over your competitors who use inferior data.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Improved bottom line.

Clean Weather Data Image with a graph, equation, station Observations, radar, sensor and a satellite

Weather Source Data Cleaning

We are weather data experts.  Our experience in developing cutting-edge weather information technology is second to none.  We pioneered a rich set of data cleaning capabilities ultimately result in superior products available to you.

Our Unmatched Experience and Capability

  • Deep Meteorological Understanding
  • Several Generations of Advanced Cleaning Methods
  • Multiple sources of weather intelligence
  • Unmatched Experience & Capability
Leads to…

Benefit to the end-user

The most accurate and reliable weather station observations available. Period.

Sources of Weather Intelligence

We employ a vast array of weather data sources in our data cleaning methods to evaluate, validate, fill gaps and detect and replace erroneous values.

Weather Station Observations

NOAA Weather Station Sensor

Observations from stations to be cleaned are evaluated along with observations from nearby weather stations to provide direct local intelligence on what the weather conditions were for a point in time.


Weather analyses

Weather Analysis Map

Weather analyses are gridded datasets documenting weather conditions that occurred around the globe over the past several decades.  These analyses provide an important ‘second opinion’ to station observations.


Satellite Information

Weather Satellite

Satellite data provides excellent intelligence on precipitation for most locations worldwide.


Radar Information

NOAA Weather Radar

When available, radar information provides excellent intelligence on precipitation




Global Coverage

Approximately 3000 Clean Weather Stations Available Worldwide

Nearly 3000 Clean Weather Stations Available - Global Coverage


Please click either of these images for a detailed interactive map of locations and information for where clean weather station data is available.


Available Dates

Weather Source Clean Weather Data is available from 1979 to current with updates are available in near real-time (1-hour lag).  We download observations from approximately 1,200 U.S. NWS (NOAA) weather stations every hour, clean them and make them available online.

New for 2013: Obtain Weather Source Clean Weather Data via the Weather Source API.

Available Weather Parameters

Hourly Clean Weather

  • Temperature
  • Feels Like Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Humidity
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Precipitation
  • Pressure
  • Sun Elevation & Azimuth
  • 10 year and 30 year climatologies

Daily Clean Weather

  • Max, Min and Mean Temperature
  • HDD & CDD
  • Total Precipitation
  • Total Snowfall
  • 10 year and 30 year climatologies

Example of “dirty” Data Cleaned by Weather Source for our Clean Weather Data

Original Local Station Observations Contain Errors

Here is an example of some actual values reported by a government weather station – the temperature values reported by the Davenport sensor erroneously jump 20+ degrees, while values reported by nearby stations do not.

Weather station with erroneous data is detected by cleaning methods

The erroneous values were automatically detected and flagged for cleaning by the Weather Source cleaning system.

Erroneous temperature value detected by the Cleaning Method

Values deemed erroneous are replaced with the best estimate from available sources.  As a result, the data  is cleaned of any issues and the data reads as is should.

This is the sort of rubbish you and your applications must deal with working with “dirty” data – “free” data from the government, or inferior products from other sources.

‘Free’ Data Is Actually ‘Expensive’!

  • NOAA data (Global Summary of the Day) is an untrusted data source since its underlying data is frequently incomplete and error rate can be 25% over actual data.

  • Majority of cheap data on the internet & weather firms base their data on these NOAA data sets.

Obtain historical weather data from a source you can trust. . .  Weather Source.

Depend on us…  Weather Source pioneered many of the methods used in data cleaning technology today, and has been providing cleaned weather data for many years to many organizations, large and small, far and wide.  We would like to have the opportunity to serve you as well.

For pricing, samples and other information on Weather Source Clean Weather, please contact Weather Source today.

New for 2013: Obtain Weather Source Clean Weather Data via the Weather Source API.

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