Weather Companies Come to Us for Weather Data

When Quality matters

  • We are the leading provider of high-quality historical, real-time and forecast weather data.

  • We provide weather data products services and solutions that are above and beyond what you will find anywhere else.

  • We have worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers and have a combined 50+ years of weather data systems expertise.

You might not have heard of us yet, but we provide weather data to many prominent businesses you probably have heard of:

  • AT&T
  • Walmart
  • MasterCard
  • NASA
  • Coca-Cola

Knowledge is power.

Turn the notion “weather affects business” into actionable insights by applying weather data to your business.  Weather data is power.

We are weather data experts, dedicated to developing the most advanced, highest quality – and easy to use –  weather data products to help our clients use weather information to their advantage. Weather Source has developed proprietary databases with billions of rows of weather data.  Our team of experts is the best in the industry and develops cutting-edge weather information products, not just limited to historical weather data, but also including current and forecast data.  We have assembled data from dozens of government sources with multiple layers of quality checks, and are constantly adding more sources and creating new, more powerful products to meet the ever-growing demands of industry.    No one, including any single government agency, has a more reliable and complete weather information offering than Weather Source.

Weather Source was founded in 2004 by experts in the industry with experience developing cutting-edge science, engineering and meteorology for some of the most respected organizations in the world in both the public and private sectors, including, energy, insurance and defense.  Weather Source was founded on principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and ingenuity, built from the ground up by talented, motivated individuals who love what they do.  We are a family-owned American company, owned and operated in the USA.

Weather Source has become the premier provider of high quality historical and real-time digital weather information for the United States and around the world.  If your need for historical weather information is not met by our Complete Weather Information downloads – if you need something more customized, or if you need bulk downoads – we can help.  We have an extensive product offering.  If you need something beyond what’s listed online, please contact us.  We are constantly developing products, so not all our products are listed online.  And we also offer consulting and develop custom solutions for clients by bringing together vast weather databases, advanced in-house technologies, and a wealth of industry experience. We routinely help clients across many business sectors in the United States and around the world.  Contact Weather Source today to see how we can help you.

We do one thing and we do it very well: weather data.


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