Weather Impact Ranking System (WIRS)

The Weather Impact Ranking System (“WIRS”) is a patent pending turn-key web-based application designed to help businesses identify weather conditions, events or perils that have the potential to impact or damage business operations and/or physical assets.

The WIRS system is configurable to support weather and perils that are most relevant to your business.

WIRS works by establishing a baseline for weather or peril damage potential using Weather Source’s Past weather and climatology data to ascertain the potential for a weather event or peril on a business or asset.   After the weather impact analysis is complete, a ranking of weather or peril impact is applied to each WIRS supported weather parameter or peril.

All of the rankings, and your business or asset locations, are visualized in an interactive and dynamic dashboard that includes the ability to push alerts and notifications via email, text, text to speech or to a IOS or Android devices when a weather event or peril is likely to impact your business ensuring you are always in real-time communication with your management, staff, contractors and customers to maximize the most efficient use of company resources.

Within the dashboard, you are also able to quickly view all of your points of interest, including distribution points, facilities, supply routes, weather rankings, areas of concern, etc. quickly and easily in a single pane of glass.