Weather for Business Intelligence (BI)

Modern Business Intelligence (BI) platforms enable companies to harness Big Data and leverage it in a way that is visual, complete, and insightful. BI empowers organizations with the knowledge and insight they need to make better business decisions and execute faster.

Weather for BI enables businesses to discover and learn how weather affects their sales, energy, product distribution, organizational performance, and more through analytics.

OnPoint Weather from Weather Source provides hyper-local past (back to the year 2000), present, and forecast weather.

When integrated into a BI platform such as Domo or Qlik, OnPoint Weather enables companies to analyze correlated weather information to proactively strategize operations, sales, and marketing to improve future performance and optimize profits.

OnPoint Weather turns granular data into meaningful BI results that enable companies anywhere in the world in any industry to:

  • Reduce wasteful spending
  • Increase ROI
  • Optimize logistics
  • Fine-tune marketing campaigns
  • Effectively plan for resource usage peaks and lulls
  • Increase management’s ability to forecast and plan
  • Optimize supply chains
  • Pinpoint times to purchase inventory
  • Adequately plan staffing
  • and more

Business intelligence with OnPoint Weather enables organizations to identify trends specific to their industry and locations. Companies can answer questions as to why one location is outperforming another, how to properly stock shelves and manage inventory purchases, how to maintain appropriate staff levels, why sales were higher (or lower) on a particular day, and what changes are needed to successfully manage their supply chains.

By using the high caliber of past weather data delivered through OnPoint Weather, companies can reach their performance, monetary goals, and other business milestones.

Imagine how empowered your management team can be if it can access past weather data to identify the weather sensitivities for your company through sales analytics, marketing analytics, and traffic analytics.

Why Weather Source and OnPoint Weather?

The Weather Source team has been using cutting-edge science, engineering, and meteorology expertise to deliver precise weather data since 2004.

OnPoint Weather is ‘on point’ and contiguous. No other weather information system is as complete or leverages a wealth of inputs such as radar, satellite, weather station observations, and a suite of weather analyses and models to accurately determine weather conditions worldwide.

OnPoint Weather provides the highest resolution of global weather data that businesses need to support their operations around the world.

Weather Source is a global provider of precision weather data. OnPoint Weather provides information precisely relevant to locations via ZIP Codes and Lat-Lon points for all major land masses and extends to more than 200 miles offshore.

Weather data is available instantaneously from the OnPoint API. Data retrieval is phenomenally fast and highly available and scalable through the API. Weather Source is able to process a virtually unlimited number of requests through numerous cloud-based servers.

Industries currently using the precise data supplied by OnPoint Weather include: automotive, aerospace, chemical, manufacturing, construction, banking, finance, entertainment, media, major league sports, film & broadcasting, healthcare, pharmaceutical, travel & tourism, energy, insurance, weather, computer, telecommunications, and more. State, local, and federal U.S. government agencies and top universities and academic institutions also use OnPoint Weather.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the wave of the future.

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform tremendous amounts of raw (structured and unstructured, external and internal) data into meaningful and useful information to use for analysis.

BI technologies use past, current, and future predictions to enable businesses to identify new opportunities and implement effective strategies for long-term growth and stability.

Companies need to have some type of BI process to remain competitive in their markets and industries. BI supports management in decisions pertaining to operations, strategic goals, benchmarking, performance management, analytical processing, reporting, and so much more.

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