Data/Analytics and Business Intelligence Consulting

Weather Source is not only weather data experts but we are also analytics experts and we’re here to help you.

Our team of industry veterans is comprised of the best and brightest with diverse backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and superlative data analytics modeling skills. Add in the fact that most of the team are also meteorologists and climatologists and you have a team that has the necessary skillset and experience to assist you with creating the necessary data models for actionable business intelligence that solves complex business challenges and drives future business growth.

  • Big Data and Analytics Consulting: Big Data doesn’t mean the amount of data an organization has amassed but actually means what type of actionable intelligence has been derived by successful analysis and modeling of the data.  As analytical modeling experts, we are able to assist customers in almost any capacity to ensure they are receiving a return on investment from all of their big data initiatives.
  • Advance Analytics: Analytics drive businesses forward.  We are able to create simple to very robust analytical modeling for our customers that incorporates data science, machine learning, data mining, forecasting, and simulations to offer predictive capabilities based on weather data, including weather sensitivities, consumer response, and more.
  • Predictive and Proactive Modeling: We have successfully created numerous predictive models based on weather data to help businesses know in advance how weather is going to impact their customer’s behavior allowing businesses to be proactive versus reactive.
  • Data Wrangling: Our team of data experts are able to gather and combine data from disparate sources and build data assets to facilitate analytics that supports decision making.  Using the OnPoint Platform, our engineers are also able to quickly stage any dataset on our high resolution grid for geo-spatial and hyper-local data analysis and correlation.
  • Enterprise Data Management:  We have the ability to assist businesses and organizations with defining, integrating, and retrieving data to ensure that businesses are not wasting resources and/or capital on data that is not needed or will not be meaningful from a business intelligence perspective.
  • Business Intelligence: We are able to assist our clients with gaining the most actionable business intelligence and insight from their business data.  We assist clients in a wide variety of matters related to business intelligence including reporting, dashboards, visualization, correlation, data analysis and business intelligence strategy.

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