OnPoint® Alerts

Never Let Your Business Be Caught Off Guard

Receive alerts in real time about weather conditions that could potentially affect your business. OnPoint® Alerts, powered by the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS), ensure you are never surprised by an extreme weather event at your U.S.-based locations of interest.

OnPoint Alerts include your location’s coordinates as well as the exact times an alert is issued, becomes active, and will expire. The alerts also include the type of phenomena predicted (flooding, dense fog, blizzard) and the anticipated level of significance (advisory, watch, or warning).

Enable Custom, Relevant Alerts

Weather Source also allows you to create user-defined OnPoint Alerts for any location around the globe. For example, a cafe that receives an alert when the temperature at one of its locations will exceed 90°F can confidently order extra inventory for iced drinks. Or, a real estate agency that receives an alert when one of its properties is expected to receive precipitation in excess of 1 inch per hour can enact cost-saving flood mitigation measures.

Alert Delivery

OnPoint Alerts can be delivered as follows:

  • Text and Email: Receive a text, text to speech, and/or email message within 5 minutes of an NWS alert being issued for your location or when the forecast meets your defined criteria.
  • S3 File Download: Have files automatically published to your organization’s S3 folder containing alert details. Most clients receive hourly updates and routinely pull alert files to incorporate into their processes.

Weather Source OnPoint Alert details delivered via CSV file includes location (lat/lon) information, date/time issued, date/time active and expires, warning phenomena (ie wind, hail, flooding, flog, blizzard, hurricane, etc) and warning significance ( advisory, watch, or warning)

  • Weather Source’s Weather Impact Ranking System (WIRS): WIRS may be configured to continuously monitor weather and climate data at your locations of interest and to provide alerts in near real time via the online dashboard.

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