OnPoint Climatology

The Most Accurate, Data-Rich Set of
Climatology Data on the Market Today

OnPoint Climatology is the statistical representation of weather over time and offers such valuable information as what is “normal” or “average” weather (mean) for any location at any point-in-time, departures from normal data (standard deviations) and frequency of occurrence data for weather parameters such as precipitation and snowfall. The frequency of occurrence provides insight into how often certain precipitation amounts occur (e.g. how often does snowfall or precipitation in the range of 1.0 to 2.5 inches occur or how many times does it normally snow or rain on any given day).

Take the Guesswork Out of Making
Weather-Based Business Decisions

OnPoint Climatology can also be used in combination with OnPoint Weather’s Past and Forecast weather data to identify and rank departures from normal. For example, by differencing the OnPoint Forecast of temperature with the associated OnPoint Climatology temperature mean, you are able to quickly show a forecast of temperatures in terms of departures from normal. It is often these departures from normal that have the biggest influence on consumer behavior.

You can even take this a step further if you divide the departure from normal forecast by the associated OnPoint Climatology standard deviation to determine where the forecast temperatures may be significantly different from normal. The result of this processing is often referred to as a ‘standardized anomaly.’ Having this information helps take the guesswork out of making business decisions that may be affected by changes in weather or temperature.

In addition to using OnPoint Climatology to quantify departures from normal, it can also be useful as a ‘climatological’ long-range forecasting tool. Most reliable forecasts can only provide a forward view of several days. A few more advanced projections can look forward a few weeks with some skill, and beyond that, longer-range forecasts tend to be less accurate. Weather Source has figured out a way to solve these challenges using our cutting-edge climatological technology.

Weather Source can also provide many pre-computed standardized anomaly results as geospatial files (our OnPoint Graphics product).

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