A Major Upgrade To Our OnPoint API Service

A big upgrade to our OnPoint API service has rolled out. This refreshed weather API was thoughtfully designed to be backward compatible with the previous iteration of the OnPoint API.  There are several new features, and the removal of constraints that will greatly increase value and usability of the API.

Removal of Constraint

By far, the most requested enhancement to the OnPoint API was that we lift the “maximum 25 rows of data per request” limit. You have been heard! Queries are no longer limited to requests of 25 rows or less. You can now request of up to 1 year of data at a time using the “timestamp between” parameter. IMPORTANT: You will see significantly improved performance if you limit the “timestamp between” range to 1 month or less.

Added Features

  • Past weather data is now available back to 2007 for North America and 2000 Internationally.
  • A new OnPoint Climatology resource is available for all accounts with the “read_climatology” capability. Climatology is the statistics of weather over a period of time in the form of means and standard deviations. Climatology can be useful in two ways. The first allows one to compare weather to what should be ‘normal’ weather for a place and time. Weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation can be differenced with climatology to get a ‘departure from normal’. The second use of climatology is as a long-range forecast.  Climatology gives a solid estimate of what to weather to expect for any location and any point in time.  Weather Source’s OnPoint Climatology supports nearly two million points globally with climatology information on hourly and daily increments.
  • A new Nowcast resource is available for all accounts with the “read_nowcast” capability. Nowcast is the current derived weather with global coverage and to-the-second precision.
  • Global lat/lon data (not just US data) is now available for all accounts with the “access_points” capability. Coverage is for all global landmasses (except Antarctica) and up to 200 miles offshore. The History, Forecast, Nowcast, Climatology, and Astronomy resources all have this regionally expanded capability.
  • Hourly and Daily weather forecasts are now available up to 10 days for both North America and International locations. This is increased from up to 7 days of forecast or 72 hours of forecast.
  • Support has been added for the following observations: Heat Index, Mean Sea Level Pressure, Solar Radiation, Wind Chill, 80m Wind Direction, 100m Wind Direction, 80m Wind Speed, and 100m Wind Speed.
  • Added convenience field groups (such as “all”, “allTemp”, “allPrecip”, and “popular”) that return logically related fields without having to exhaustively list them.


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