As of March 19, 2017, Weather Source™ will no longer be offering our Past Weather Reports.

Since 2011, we have offered the Past Weather Reports to customers via the Weather Source online store. The Past Weather Reports provided raw government data from government weather stations. The data had significant limitations with respect to the number of locations and quality of data (raw government data has significant gaps, anomalies and errors).

The Past Weather Reports were a service we enjoyed offering to our customers and we learned a lot from providing this service. However, our focus is now on providing enterprise and business quality data via our OnPoint® system and ensuring our OnPoint Weather product addresses the deficiencies and inaccuracies of raw government data.

When we began offering the Past Weather Reports, raw government data was not commonly available. However, it is now available online, for free, from several other sites, including:

Similar to our Past Weather Reports, the data on these sites is raw and of limited geographic scope.

With OnPoint Weather, we now have a complete and comprehensive global weather history data set across all landmasses (except Antarctica) dating back to the year 2000. This data is quality-checked, error-corrected, and gap-filled. The OnPoint system is even able to generate climatology data for more advanced and in-depth analysis and correlation. OnPoint Weather is optimal for business or enterprise use and can be used to identify weather sensitivities in geo-located data sets (e.g. sales, staffing, marketing, energy usage, and warranty data sets).

OnPoint Weather is available for programmatic access via the OnPoint API with subscriptions starting at $600/month. With OnPoint Weather, you are able to harness the power of global comprehensive, accurate, and hyper-local past, present and forecast weather data.

For more information, or to access OnPoint Weather, please contact us at

For support questions related to the online store or our Past Weather Reports, please email If you liked our online Past Weather Report product you will love OnPoint Weather.

Lastly, please go easy on our sales and support staff. They are not responsible for the business decision to discontinue the online Past Weather Reports.