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It’s incredibly easy to create past weather reports (rainfall, snowfall, wind, temperature, cloud cover, pressure, humidity, etc.) for any time frame.*

Create hourly, daily, monthly and annual reports*.


Weather Source Weather History Report Video Overview and Tutorial


Watch a video tour of the Weather History Reports

Data is graphed over time and provided in tables.  Here is an example of a daily rainfall report:

Daily Rainfall Report

Daily rainfall report. Only part of the table is shown here due to size. Actual table in report would contain all rows.


State the facts with authority.

Download print, and share PDF documents designed for professional use.

Designed to allow you to make authoritative statements regarding weather history, every PDF report outlines the source of the weather data as observed by official US Government weather stations.

Here is an example of a PDF Weather History Report that can be downloaded and shared with your colleagues and/or printed for presentations:

PDF Cover and Sources~

PDF Data

Selected pages from a professional PDF report document download.

You can also print reports directly from the web page report in your web browser.

Printouts from the web page reports are also professional, with data tables and graphs:

Daily Precipitation Report Printout

Example printout of a Weather History Report printed directly from a web browser.


Just search for the past weather you need

When you click on the “find report” button, you will be given a list of search results:


Click on one of the weather stations listed to find the historical weather data you are looking for.

Items are sorted by best match from top to bottom; the first item in the list is the most likely to provide what you searched for.

For best results, select the item at the top of the list first, and then if for some reason that station does not meet your needs, select the next one down the list, and so on.

Inside of each report are all the details for each weather station you select.  For example, if you select “Boston Logan Int’l Arpt” (from the list above) you will get the past weather report for Boston Logan International Airport, as shown further below, but before we show you some examples of what you can do with the reports, you may be interested to know more details about a weather station before creating reports.  Once inside the report, you can click on the station, circled orange:


The name of the station is shown at the top of the report.  Click on this to reveal extensive information about the weather station used in the past weather report:


The weather station review give you copious weather station information, including location and data completeness details.  Location information is provided via map relative to your search location, as well as city, state zip code and lat/lon (not shown here).

Once inside the report, you can customize the report to your exact needs with easy-to-use buttons in the report, such as the “Change Weather and Dates” button, as shown above, which gives you all the options to control exactly what you want the report to show:

Hourly Reports

Create all sorts of weather history reports for any timeframe you want*. Create hourly, daily, monthly and annual reports of any length – long or short.

Here is an example of an hourly temperature history report.

Hourly Temperature History Report

Example of an hourly temperature history report.  Only the fist part of the table is shown here due to size.  Actual table would contain rows for all hours.

Daily Reports

Here is an example of a Daily Snowfall History Report:

Daily Snowfall History Report

Example of a daily snowfall history report. Only the fist part of the table is shown here due to size.  Actual table would contain rows for all days.

You can put as many different weather types in your report as you want.*

Here’s an example of a daily weather history report with multiple weather elements – temperature and precipitation.

Daily Temperature and Precipitation History ReportDaily Temperature and Precipitation History Report

Example of a daily temperature and precipitation history report. Only the fist part of the table is shown due to size.  Actual table would contain all rows.

Monthly Reports

Here’s an example of a Monthly Temperature Report:

Monthly Temperature History Report

Annual and Full-Period Summaries

Export Data

Export csv data files (comma-separated values) for use in spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel, shown below) and databases.  Data exports include exhaustive descriptions of all columns contained in the export file to ensure ease of use.

You can create spreadsheet downloads that will tell you all sorts of additional information.  For example, total annual precipitation, as well as the number of days each year with any measurable precipitation, 0.10″, 0.5″, 1″, 2″ and 5″ for Washington D.C., 1981 to 2010.

Annual Precipitation for Washington DC

Data can be exported in annual terms, as shown above, or hourly, daily, monthly or all-time.  You just select what you want in your web page report, and then what is downloaded is provided in the same time frame.

* Create weather history reports from any time frame or weather element reported by the selected weather station.  Not all stations report all time frames or all weather elements.  We present you with all the weather stations in the area you search for so that you can find what you are looking for.

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