Extended Weather History Reports


Extended Reports: Unlimited Report Length and All Weather Observations

Past Weather Reports


Create professional reports of official past weather from your choice of U.S. government weather stations.

  • No limit on how many reports you can create
  • Printable reports include interactive tables & graphs
  • Unlimited report date range allows view of longterm trends
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and annual data is available *
  • Download data as spreadsheets (.csv)
  • Download reports as a PDF

Broad, Deep & Detailed Coverage

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We process dozens of U.S. government data sources to create a most comprehensive weather history archive.

  • Thousands of weather stations covering all U.S. cities
  • 100+ years of weather archives
  • Supports all major weather elements: Temperature, precipitation, snowfall, wind, and more *
  • Weather Source puts every data point through rigorous quality tests. Data deemed not reliable is removed from the record.
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*  Weather stations report differing weather elements. For the same location and date range, the best available station for wind may be different than that for temperature. We help determine the best weather stations, ranking them by search proximity & data completeness.